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What is a garden tea party like? Most would say that it’s a party for the elderly because you’ll be sipping a cup of tea while swapping stories– just like what the old British ladies do. Let me tell you something, it’s more than that! You can turn a boring garden tea party, into something wonderful. Too good to be true? Well, it’s one of the party themes that I have organized, and oh boy, I had a wonderful time with my friends. Indeed, it’s a party for everyone, not just the old folks.

Allow me to give you the details on how I made this party cool.

What Food Should I Prepare?

It’s a tea party! Obviously, tea should be present. You can consider serving at least three different types of tea, such as strong, mild, and herbal. You can also add some flavored tea. This would allow your guests to pick one depending on their taste. Don’t forget the brown sugar, lemon, honey, milk, and cream are set on the table and ready to be used. They might want to enhance the flavor of their tea with these. Aside from tea, don’t forget the finger food; this could be sandwiches, scones, sweet and savories, and other treats that go well with tea.

Tea Party Ideas

Keep in mind, this isn’t a party for the oldies, and that’s why it’s important to ensure that your guests are engaged. Thus, you need something more than tea– party games can be very handy, and there’s a ton of party games that you can try. Toss coin in the cups, guess the name please, and Mad Libs are just some of the most popular games.

tea party table decorations ideasSet Up

The party tables should be decorated with table clothes. However, if you don’t have one, you can always consider going to fabric shops and buy those floral and striped materials by the meter. They’re usually cheap, and that’s why they’re perfect as table clothes.

Additional Tips

– Don’t be afraid to try seasonal food and ingredients, because these would add a nice flavor to your menu. For example, you can consider serving strawberries topped with whipped on your tea party.
– If you’re not used to hosting tea parties, then don’t invite a lot of people. Simply invite a few people first, until you eventually get comfortable with this kind of event.
– Since it’s a tea party, gossiping is a must. However, it’s important to make it clear that you’re only doing this for the sake of fun.


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