Real Parties High Tea In Garden

What is a garden tea party like? Most would say that it’s a party for the elderly because you’ll be sipping a cup of tea while swapping stories– just like what the old British ladies do. Let me tell you something, it’s more than that! You can turn a boring garden tea party, into something […]

DIY Tutorial Photo Envelope Liner

If you are planning a party and intends to invite many people, it’s perhaps better if you send them a letter. Meanwhile, you can be assured that an envelope liner is the only way through which you can get to add elegance to any envelope. Making an envelope liner is also simple, and no big […]

Real Parties Garden Of Butterflies

I really love working with lots of greens, lights, and butterflies; that’s why I have considered doing a backyard/garden theme party. The shades of green and pink are definitely thrilling, and I even made sure that all party aspects from table scape, venue decoration, favor display, and candy buffet would have the look of a […]

Real Parties Vintage Barbie

Children are always fascinated by the idea of interacting with the Barbie. Perhaps the best way all the fascination can be captured is by hosting a vintage Barbie party theme, and this is considered a sure way of having a satisfying celebration especially for the moment. The caution here is that almost every plan should […]

Guest Post: DIY Fringe Party Hats

Fringe hats are a favorite among many children, and this is because they have some colorful appeal in them. Making the hats is simple, and the materials needed this purpose are also readily available. The hats can apply for almost any event be it a small birthday party, Christmas celebration or just a small gathering […]

Birthday Girl Introduces Custom

If you have anything meaningful that you would love to share and also serve as a reminder anytime you are in your office or at home, you will probably think of an inspiration board. Through the use of words, pictures and captions you can joyfully remind yourself of your life mission and purpose, and this […]