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Be sure to check out my most recent blogposts about partyplanning! I try to provide the complete guide to what to think about and how to plan parties. With recipes, DIY guides and theme suggestions I include all aspects of making the perfect party for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, halloween, christmas, summer or just a normal friday, (even a weekday is great for a party!) there is no reason not to make the best out the party. Get the decorations, food and venue right and I assure you, your party will be unforgetable! So, if you’re unsure of how to create the perfect party, simpl go to any of my posts featuring your theme, venue or occasion.


Hot Layer Cake With Ginseng

Chocolate Layer Cake is one of my favorites and why not make it a bit more healthy while we’re at it? This recipe includes ginseng, a superfood great for several reasons! Go check it out!

Awesome Birthday Cake With Mint Leaves

Another cake, this time with mint leaves! I simply love mint leaves and combining it with chocolate is just one of the greatest things ever! This is just superfresh! Go check it out!

Real Parties High Tea In Garden

Why not an old fashion tea party in an english garden? This is one of my definite favorite venues! Keeping it classy while having a superplessant time is just a perfect combination!